A business needs to keep good records of their transactions, it’s a legal obligation and there could be penalties if it’s not done. It’s good practice for the business as well in order to be successful. Often people think they have an accountant that prepares their accounts and deals with HMRC, so no need for a bookkeeper. At any given time the owners of the business need to know how much is owed by customers, how much is owed to suppliers and how much cash they have. Without this information you can’t see how well the enterprise is doing. You can’t afford to wait for a year to find out. Running your own business can be very rewarding but it is also a lot of hard work. Your time is spent trying to grow your business and bookkeeping may not be a priority. This could cause problems later on when you’re trying to understand if the venture is succeeding. Keeping on top of your books is essential but can be time consuming and frustrating. Time you could use to work on maximising your opportunities. At North London Bookkeeping we understand that your time is precious and we provide a highly professional service at an affordable price. As far as our clients are concerned we are a part of their team helping them to keep on top of their business finance. Whether you need someone to complete a Self Assessment Tax return, run payroll or a full bookkeeping service with management accounts we are here to help.

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